Get Your Free Film Soundtrack from the Music Library for YouTube


No matter how spectacular your visuals are, the wrong song, music or sound effect can sabotage your entire production. An appropriate soundtrack can make your videos stand out by telling your stories with the right combination of emotions and wonderment. It adds dynamism to your images by setting the pace of your film. It also subtly cues the viewers information about what they are seeing such as the mood, tone, tension or foreshadowing in the scene. Could you imagine Star Wars without the rousing opening musical score? No wonder finding the right song or NeoSounds music is considered one of the most essential aspects of video production.

But you cannot use just about any song or music from if you intend to air your video or post it for public viewing online. There are popular songs and copyrighted music that you need to secure a release from the artist or publisher to use. They usually come with an exorbitant fee that you have to factor in the budget if you intend to incorporate these tracks in your production. If you do not have the finances to pay nor are you a musician who can compose your own music, then you might want to take a look at some royalty free sources. The YouTube Audio Library has a wide range of free songs, music and sound effects you can use in your videos.

By using a music library in YouTube, you can polish your film project, web commercial or video blog with a great tune that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Even if you are not going to upload your finished product to the site, YouTube won’t hinder you from using its collection of royalty free music that includes all genres like country music, rock and roll, dance tunes, and others. They can be streamed and downloaded for your creative projects free of charge and with no attribution required. Using the audio library is the easiest way to make sure you won’t be sued for copyright infringement. Know more claims about music library at

It is simple to use so it is easy to find the perfect sound to complement your video creations. You can browse through its varied collection of free audio tracks based on genre, length, mood or instrument. Whether you want your film to convey “angry” or “calm,” or want it to be “funky” or “inspirational,” the audio library has the music for your creative ideas.

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